Panic attacks – questions and answers

Panic attacks – questions and answers

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A panic attack is basically a great happening of immediate terror that happens when there is usually no obvious warning or risk.

How are panic attacks caused?

The actual cause of panic attack is however is not known. But, in some situations, panic attacks are associated to basic conditions related to mental health.

  1. Panic disorder
  2. Obsessive compulsive disorder
  3. Stress disorder because of trauma
  4. Disorder related to anxiety
  5. Phobias

Sometimes stress can also be one of the cause of panic attacks.

Who can experience panic attacks?

There are many factors that can grow the risks of people having panic attacks. These comprises of.

  1. People in your family having panic attacks
  2. If people had faced abuse in their childhood
  3. People who live in situations that are very much stressful
  4. People facing any happening that was traumatic
  5. The death of someone you love
  6. Life changing situation

If a person has any problem related to mental health for instance any phobia or disorders related to stress, it can also grow the chances of people having panic attacks.

What is the perception for panic attacks?

If the panic attacks are not treated, then the repeated panic attacks can cause the following situations.

  1. A person might feel anxiety when they have thoughts about the chances of forthcoming panic attacks.
  2. People usually keep themselves away from people around them and they don’t even go out of their houses because they feel they would get a panic attack.
  3. People usually get themselves in to agoraphobia.

If you actually want that these things should stop happening to you then you should definitely go and see a doctor.

How can you put a stop to panic attacks?

Many panic attacks that people face are unforeseeable. Consequently, putting a stop on them could be demanding.

But, there are somethings a person can do if they want to alleviate the chances of them having panic attacks. A person should make their lifestyle healthy by the following ways.

  1. Eating a diet that is extremely balanced
  2. Exercise daily
  3. Take adequate sleep
  4. Do such things that can lower your stress

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