Know about ICSI in simple words

Know about ICSI in simple words

July 8, 2021 Off By admin

Some people who are trying to conceive a baby after their marriage but they fail to do that because of some problems in their bodies or the hormones they have. No matter what will be the problem but they will start feeling depressed and unhappy as they will be not going to become parents. Previously people will have to bear that pain for the rest of their lives but now there are a few different treatments which they can take as these treatments will provide a good hope to the people. One of the treatments is the IVF and the other is ICSI. In ICSI treatment in Dubai there are a few different steps or procedures which they have to go through and it is difficult procedures which have to be taken very carefully otherwise the chances of success will be lower down to zero. You need to know about how it works and what precautions you have to take during and after the process so that you can have more chances of success in this regard; here are a few steps for your ease of understanding:

While you are going to have this process, the egg from then female partner will be taken out and then it has to be protected from the contamination so that the success will be more. Then they have to be careful in the lab as there will be eggs from different ladies in there and they all have to be mentioned carefully so that they will not get mixed with each other.

In the next step they will take the sperm from the male partner and they need to take only one healthy sperm out of million in there but they have to take that carefully so it will not get damaged. They have to be careful in dealing with that too and keep the sperms separate and mention the names carefully.

The third step is also important as in this the sperm will be inserted carefully in to the egg and it has to be done with precision and professional behavior otherwise they may damage the sperm or the egg or they may not inject that in to the right depth of the cytoplasm and the entire procedure will be failed then. Infertility treatment in Dubai is done by the careful professionals.