Is it necessary to wash prayer rugs?

Is it necessary to wash prayer rugs?

June 15, 2021 Off By admin

People will be often very hesitant about washing the prayer rug and they will like to buy prayer rugs instead of washing the previous ones as they think it will be disrespectful towards that. It is not true in any sense because when you have any impurity on your body then you have to wash that instead of cutting that part from your body so you can easily wash your travel prayer mat or any other prayer rug but make sure that you read the instructions carefully and be careful about the kind of material it has.

If you think that washing in the machine will damage your mat then you can easily hand wash them but for that you need to soak that in soapy water for about an hour or two so that all the stains and dirt will be removed from the mat and if there was any kind of odor then it will be vanished too.

Once you think that the prayer mat has soaked for enough time then you have to remove that from the soapy water and see if there are some stains remaining then you can rub them with your hands but with very light pressure and then you can wash that with cool water. Never use too hot water for soaking and washing as it will damage the material and also the design and colors of the prayer mat.

After that you have to squeeze it gently so it gets rid of the excess water. Make sure that you are not squeezing too hard because you may damage the material. You need to squeeze and then lay that on to a rod or you can lie that on chairs so all the water will drips outside or in the bathroom so no running water should be in eth room. You have to wait till it gets dry completely and then you can use that. When you are drying that outside then make sure it does not get the direct sunlight especially in the summers because it will fade the colors of the prayer mat and then it will not look that good. You can also send that to a professional cleaner and get the cleaned and dried one without any problem. They will have proper testing procedure to test and wash mats.