Challenges of Using Airbnb

Challenges of Using Airbnb

July 14, 2021 Off By admin

There are so many people who make a big home just for the sake of luxury. According to the best Airbnb property manager that there are times when the same people get irritated in a big home. There are different opportunities of making money like you can sale on maximum profit and get a small home or you can rent the whole place to families and companies or you can give the home up for rent to the movies production houses.

There will be a continuous benefit but there can be different disadvantages like people damage the place so, if you want to stay on the safer side, you can put it up for Dubai vacation home rental on Airbnb. This is a platform where you can upload the picture of the spare rooms and people from around the world can rent it.

There are somethings that you have to do like keep the room neat and clean at all the times, you can allow pets (in this way, you can set a high price), the bathroom stuff should be available at all times, you can offer pick and drop or a tour to the city, you can offer breakfast or whatever suits you best. In a way that you can save money and give the best services. Airbnb is amazing but there are some challenges; both for the people who rent it and the home owners, keep reading to know it.

You Don’t Get What You See: some people always opt for a hotel because of bad experiences. In this era of camera filters, people take lovely pictures of the room and when the guests arrive, they see nothing like that.

Damages: there are so many damages that a careless or the guest’s pet can do. If you allow pets and charge a lot of money, sometimes, the damages can be irreversible. It can cause a big loss.

Added Fee: there are so many guests who opt for hotels because the guests have to pay 3% to 20% commission to the company upon reservation and if you cancel it at any point, the fee is non-fundable.

Taxes: the guests and the home owners, both have to pay taxes just like paying tax to the hotel.

Illegal: it is not legal in all countries.