Basic features of PowerPoint

Basic features of PowerPoint

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The best office program that is readily being used by numerous individuals is PowerPoint. You can easily make use of PowerPoint for different purposes. This includes business, academic, and personal usage too. PowerPoint is user-friendly and it is due to this particular reason that numerous people make use of it. In short, it is the best customizable application.

The best PowerPoint presentation service and even PowerPoint presentation designs are of great help and use.

Design feature

There are several features of PowerPoint and one of them is the design feature. Through this feature, you can easily customize the format and appearance of your slides. There are several themes present in PowerPoint. You can easily choose a theme according to your wish and demand.

You can easily apply a theme for the entire presentation or you can apply a particular theme for one slide too. By making use of the page setup feature you can easily optimize the entire presentation.


PowerPoint “animation” has two divisions. This includes element animation and slide transitions. By making use of the slide transition feature you can easily add a particular effect. This thing can be achieved when you are switching slides. Even the timing and effect of the transaction can be edited.

You can even make use of the element animation feature. By using this specific feature sounds and movement is easily added to numerous objects that are being used in the slides. The pictures that need to be added first can even be chosen by making use of the element animation feature.


If you want to give lectures in front of a huge gathering then the presentation feature of PowerPoint is of great use. This great application has functions like built-in notes. By making use of this specific feature you can easily add “presenter notes.”

By making use of presenter notes you will be able to understand several points in a given slide quite easily. Even by making use of pre-record narration feature, numerous issues can be resolved within a short time.

Even if you are working with a group of people for a particular presentation then the rehearsal function of PowerPoint is of great use. Like this, the length and timings of a presentation can easily be noted.

PowerPoint is best for first-time users too. Due to its unique and simple features, many individuals are seen making use of it for office and even academic presentations.