4 of the Best UK Betting Apps

With FIFA emerging soon, you need to update yourself about the growing trends of football gambling; initially, people had to place bet via phone call or direct contact with bookies. But with the invention of technology, smartphones are the best place to gamble. To stay on track, World Cup Bookmakers have apps and so do bettors. You can find several apps on Play store or App store that can help you in your gambling endeavors during this FIFA world cup.

Want to know about the latest updates or which bookmakers are safe to betting? Below, you can find some best apps that help you with your betting; with so many apps available, it’s quite hard to find the best. With few applications, you can download directly, while some need 3rd party resource.

William Hill

It’s one of the best mobile sites for betting enthusiasts; you can visit the official website to download this app. William Hill is a superbly performing phone betting site and the company has come up with their own app to help the members.

You can also claim bonus offers, such as free bet worth Ł25 on any football team whether you prefer to bet on your phone or through system. Sign up to open an account to gamble online. This app is specifically designed for iPhone. The design and theme look extremely appealing on retina display on the phone.

If one of your bet out of 6 fails, you get stake back offer. This deal is offered only to William Hill app users. It offers you a comprehensive range of in-play gambling than any rival site. There is a special offer for new customers in the form of free bet!


Download the app following this link; this mobile based sport betting app is very easy to operate. It works well on Android phones, but you can also install on home screen so that you can visit this page with ease. The in-play section in this app can provide you some amazing offers and quick bets. You can also claim free bet world cup worth Ł200;

Paddy Power

One of the best-rated betting apps, Paddy Power can come handy for Android users. If you’re looking for some apps that give you updated information and news, which help in improving your betting experience, then PP is the suitable choice. This app helps you to determine where the current trends are. Offers such as enhanced price deals and money back specials are also included here. Click the link given above to claim Ł50 free bet. You can also add it on home screen for better monitoring and viewing.


Yet another best working Android app, Skybet has all the events listed separately; one good feature of this app is that it has exclusive special area, where you can get quick response.

These are some worthy apps to download for football betting.